Is a Beach House Right For You?

Is a Beach House Right For You

Having a home on or near Miami Beach can be a dream come true. It can be a peaceful place to live, with breathtaking views, the smell of the ocean and cool breeze flowing through your home. While you fall asleep listening to the waves, the cost may outweigh the benefit. Here are a few things you should consider:


If you live on the beach in South Florida, you will probably be ordered to evacuate the minute a tropical storm or hurricane is near. That could get pretty tiresome if it’s an active year.

Natural risk

When you live near the water, rising sea levels can impact the shoreline and some of your property. Additionally, waterfront properties are known to suffer wind damage when least expected. Without a doubt, flood insurance will be required.


Maintenance can also be a headache. Homes near the water can be affected by the mist, the humidity and a certain level of dampness which could encourage mold. Salt from the ocean could also affect the home’s exterior appearance, and affect the grounds, as well as items you have inside.


Let’s face it – people who want to live near the water are always in demand. Finding one that is reasonably within your budget may be difficult. The upside? Because they are in demand, they retain their value much longer.

Even with all those things that may make you second-guess your decision, think of the positives. You’ll have a front row seat to water activities and won’t have to pay fees to house your boat.

Imagine being able to look outside and watch the annual boat show from your own private balcony or deck? Family gatherings are also full of fun when you’re right there on the water with accessibility to water sports and other activities.

One of the main perks of living on the water is the privacy. In South Florida, that’s definitely in limited supply, so being able to have your own little slice of heaven on the water away from all the noise of the city makes it all worthwhile.

If you decide to purchase a waterfront property, now you know what to do to keep it in pristine condition. Knowing before you buy makes a world of difference when making the final decision. If the view is your main concern, a high-rise condo on the beach may be just the thing.

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