In a hot real estate market, it’s easy to assume that selling your home will be a pinch. But even when houses are selling at a record pace, a lot of factors can still affect your sale price and selling costs—which ultimately impacts your net profit.

From driving market competition to keeping resale costs under control, the decisions you make in prepping your home for sale shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to sell a home in today’s real estate market, here’s some crucial advice for Georgia residents.

How to Sell a House in Georgia: Tips and Tricks

Want to make a strong impression on local buyers? Here are some tried-and-true tips to set up your home for selling success:

  • Stage the furniture in your home. When staging a home, you want to clear out clutter to make each room look as large as possible. Remove buildup from counters, empty out shelves, and keep closets only half-full to increase the appearance of available space. This is one of the most reliable ways to drum up interest in your home.
  • Set a sale price with the goal of receiving multiple offers. While it’s tempting to demand the highest possible sale price when listing your home, it can actually be more lucrative to set a price that buyers perceive as fair. If you succeed in driving multiple offers for your home, you benefit in two ways: First, you can get your home under contract in a matter of days, resulting in a faster sale. But multiple offers can lead to a bidding war that results in a sale price above your listed price.
  • De-personalize your living spaces. Buyers are notorious for not wanting to purchase someone else’s home. Family photos and other personal touches can make it tougher for buyers to envision themselves living in your space.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint. One of the most common costs of selling a home, is doing some modest rehabilitation to your indoor and outdoor spaces. A little paint can go a long way toward brightening a room or adding some much-needed pop to your front door.
  • Invest in curb appeal. First impressions are crucial when selling a home. Keep your lawn watered, your bushes trimmed, and consider power-washing the front of your home to get it in the best shape possible.

Driving Demand Through Online Home Listings

With so many would-be buyers scouring house listings online, it’s important to make sure your home is putting its best foot forward when listed on Zillow, Realtor, and other online home listing websites. Here are some ways you can make sure your listing is standing out and drawing interest from buyers:

  • Take professional photos of your home. Photos can make all the difference when convincing a would-be buyer to visit your home. Once your home has been staged for sale, have an experienced real estate agent take well-lit photos that showcase your home’s interior spaces.
  • Share your listing on social media. Encourage friends and family to share as well. This sharing can increase traffic to your online home listing and might even help your listing find your home’s next owner.
  • Offer a virtual tour. Virtual tours are a great selling tool to increase demand among buyers who might not be able to visit your home. With a virtual tour, you might get some potential buyers putting in offers before they’re able to see the home in-person.
  • Add comprehensive information about your home’s features and upgrades. As house hunters search for homes online, small details such as a “new furnace” or “hot tub” can catch their attention, and even help your home appear in listing searches.
  • Showcase the neighborhood—not just the house. If prospective buyers aren’t familiar with the area where your home is located, it helps to give them some context by highlighting local parks, nature attractions, shopping centers, schools, and other nearby destinations and amenities that might increase their interest.

How Do I Find a Real Estate Agent to Sell My House in Georgia?

The best way to sell your home quickly—and to maximize your sale price—is by partnering with an experienced agent that knows exactly how to sell your home in the current real estate market. In some cases, you might turn first to the agent who helped you purchase your home in the first place. But there are many reasons why you might not want to use this agent when selling—and it’s possible that agent may no longer be a licensed agent.

One place to turn is your friends and family who have had good experiences working with real estate agents in the past. Online reviews and testimonials can also help you evaluate the credentials of a local agent to determine if they’re a good fit. You can also look for real estate agents with industry accolades and/or a track record of selling homes quickly, and at record prices. After all, selling your home is a money game: The higher the sale price, the greater your victory.

When it comes to selling your home, the right real estate agent can make all the difference in getting the best price possible for your home. Find an agent that pays attention to the details and makes every decision with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve your selling goals.