Kelly Jenkins


Bio's Kelly Jenkins

My name is Kelly Jenkins. I have over 10+ years of experience In Healthcare. I have spent the last 7 of those Years in assisted & independent living, skilled nursing facilities and senior living. I have enjoyed working with residents and their families with living out the best days of their lives.  As a liason, facilitator, Care coordinator and sometimes just a listening ear. Having someone like me who not only understands the healthcare aspect but is also knowledge about real estate and the market and how financially the expenses can acrue during this transition.  Transitioning is hard and there are so many questions like what to do next? How can I afford this financially? We don’t live there how can we keep our family home and still make money? As well as you the facility can keep your residents In their new home your community. Partnering with us will allow us to assist the families with either selling, leasing or fixing and leasing the residents home and maintaining the income needed to not just continue living in their new home but family and resident can be In peace and less worry with this new journey.
Not only do I love what I do I enjoy caring and being there for those who gave so much for us.