It's time to Buy

It’s time to purchase that property you can’t stop thinking about. Whether it’s your first home, your dream upgrade, or a well-deserved pied-à-terre –– now is the time to buy. 

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Let us help you find your dream home.

When you’re ready to downsize or upgrade your home, or expand your business, Tiffany and the T.A.M.G. Realty team will help you every step of the way. 

Together, we’ll demystify the buying process and ensure the most seamless, professional, and fun experience possible. Most importantly, we’ll guide you to the right decision for your budget and lifestyle. When it comes to realty, Tiffany and the T.A.M.G. team are ready to get real. 


Purchase With Confidence.

You’ve probably thought about what you need in your new home: perhaps you want to be closer to green spaces, maybe you’re a night owl who wants to be walking distance to your favorite restaurants and bars. 

Not everyone’s buying needs are the same. Some people prioritize finding a property with a big backyard for their dogs to run around, others arrange their search around particular school districts that fit the needs of their family. No matter who you are, Tiffany and her team will find a unique home that exceeds your expectations.

By paying careful attention to your non-negotiables and priorities, we will curate a list of homes that we know you’ll love.

When you call T.A.M.G., Tiffany and her team will take their time and walk you through a range of options until you find the perfect space to start a new chapter.

Why Work with T.A.M.G. Realty?

Not Your Average Agent.

Many people think they aren’t qualified to buy a home due to poor credit or lack of a “sizable” down payment. We’re here to tell you –– that’s simply not true!  Tiffany and her team have helped so many realize the dream of home ownership.   Tiffany and all of the agents go the extra mile with  getting you to the closing table.  


If you feel like buying a home is a distant dream, the T.A.M.G. team can help make it an in-reach reality with our Real Results Through Real Estate program. In this program, we educate, engage, and execute to get you to the closing table.

How We Help Home Buyers

Find Your
Dream Home

A Local Residential Real Estate Firm

Buying a home is one of the best ways to build wealth. We make the journey to your new home as easy and enjoyable as possible by personalizing the buying experience. With more than 20 years in the industry, we have helped every type of buyer find the perfect property. To ensure a frictionless, full-service experience, we work with lenders, attorneys, contractors, and movers. 


First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone!

Tiffany and her agents love helping new buyers find their perfect home. When you reach out to us, we start by discussing your desired home purchase. We’ll listen to all your must-haves and desired features. Whether that’s a home that reminds you of your favorite home growing up, or an apartment in a trendy neighborhood lined with restaurants and activities–– we know how important the details are.

We’ll show a range of homes that meet and exceed your expectations. The T.A.M.G team won’t stop until you find that home that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and secure.

We’ll show a range of homes that meet and exceed your expectations. The T.A.M.G team won’t stop until you find that home that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and secure.

Top 4 Things you need to know before buying your first home:


1. Explore your down payment and mortgage options.

2. Know your credit score and what you can afford

3. Pick the right neighborhood and right type of house

4. Be prepared for additional costs

Real Results Through Real Estate

We understand that the buying process can be overwhelming. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we are pleased to offer our Real Results Through Real Estate series.

The Real Results Through Real Estate series is designed to prepare you to purchase a home or commercial property. We’ve partnered with trusted real estate professionals to help you:

Build/Repair Personal Credit
Build or repair personal credit so that you can get approved for financing and make a purchase. We’ll guide you through steps to improve your credit score to increase your opportunity to buy at lower interest rates

Build Business Credit
Build business credit to reach a paydex score of 80/85 so that your company can stand on its own to gain access to a business line of credit or purchase outright.

Business and Commercial Loans
We assist with in-house financing of commercial loans.

Rehab Streamline
We will streamline the process for you to fix and flip as many properties you like without the stress and worries of doing it by yourself.


FAQ for First Time Home Buyers

How much should I expect to spend on my down payment?

Your down payment, if applicable, will be determined by several factors. These can include:
1. Price of the home
2. Mortgage lender
3. Type of mortgage you’re seeking
4. Your personal finances including credit and income

Are there specific loan programs targeted to first-time buyers that offer unique down payment criteria?

Yes. Specific loans for first time home buyers include:

Federal Housing Administration (FHA Loans:)

This loan program is designed to support first-time home buyers and allows down payments as small as 3.5% of the homes’ sale price.
There are requirements to qualify for an FHA mortgage, including limits on the price of a potential home purchase.

USDA Loans:

Some rural and suburban homes may be purchased through a USDA Rural Development Program, which incentivizes home purchases in rural and suburban locations.

VA Loans:

Veterans and active military service members, as well as surviving spouses, can qualify for VA loans that require no minimum down payment.

Are there down payment assistance programs available?

Some first-time borrowers can qualify for FHA loan assistance. There are state and local programs that may offer down payment assistance through special loan programs targeted to first-time home buyers.

Our proven local market expertise and industry insights ensure that you’re in good hands. We even offer assistance with lenders that can help you with first-time buyer loans, conventional mortgages, FHA loans, and VA loans.

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